Who is Mind on Accessibility?

Georgena Moran, its principal, has worked as an ADA site assessment specialist for over 12 years.  Eight of those years she was in the employment of Independent Living Resources in Portland.  The last four years to the present day she has worked in this field as a licensed independent contractor.

Previous work experience includes 17 years in residential building trades.  This additional experience enables her not only to assess what is out of compliance with building codes and ADA guidelines, but also to advise on solutions to bring issues into compliance.  Her experience as a wheelchair user enhances her perspective and will be invaluable to your project.

Georgena is trained and certified in using the Universal Trail Assessment Process [UTAP], which objectively documents the actual conditions in outdoor, natural environments by providing data on trail grade, cross slope, distance, width, surface and obstacles.  Georgena has been hired by land managers from Portland Parks and Recreation and Metro to use the UTAP method on their trails to determine their degree of accessibility. 

Sharon Mitchell, MoA’s technician, has worked with Mind on Accessibility, performing ADA Site Assessments, since 2010; she is also experienced in using the Universal Trail Assessment Process.  Sharon is also a media specialist and provides additional support through the preparation of video and educational materials.

Richard Bosch Architect has been associated with Georgena for over ten years and is an accessibility expert in his own right.  Richard provides additional support with facility assessments, building codes, and the preparation of graphic and web-based materials.

Mind on Accessibility provides ADA site assessments of businesses, public and private entities, as well as, outdoor recreation and hiking trail evaluations.

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Contact Georgena at 503-887-7453 or info@MindonAccessibility.net

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