Self Evaluation Checklist

Checklist – 2010 ADA Standards

Developed by New England ADA Center and the Institute for Human Centered Design

Purpose: To help identify accessibility problems and solutions in existing facilities

Technical Contents: The checklist details some of the requirements found in 2010 Standards

What the checklist does not do

  1. Does not cover all requirements

  2. Is not intended for facilities undergoing new construction or alterations

  3. Does not attempt to illustrate all possible barriers or solutions to barriers - ADAAG  should be consulted for detailed information

The checklist is based on four priorities recommended by ADA Title III Regulations for planning readily achievable barrier removal projects

  1. Accessible Approach and Entrance

  2. Access to Goods and Services

  3. Access to Restrooms

  4. Any Other Measures

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The checklist below can be helpful in reviewing properties for some ADA compliance issues.  It is limited in its scope however, as it does not cover every ADA guideline item, state codes or prioritizing/cost analysis essential for an accurate transition plan.