After an inspection, the MoA site report will note the items that do not comply with regulations along with the measures needed to bring business and public entities into compliance. This is often referred to as a barrier removal or transition plan.

Site Inspections

Site Inspections provide scoping and technical review of sites, facilities, buildings, services and elements for accessibility in accordance to the 2012 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, ADAAG and other federal, state and local accessibility codes and standards.

Steps for a site inspection:

  1. 1.Contact Mind on Accessibility to determine the scope of the inspection and scheduling

  2. 2.Sign a statement of work with the cost of the inspection and report

  3. 3.Review of the site plan prior to the physical inspection, if possible

  4. 4.Review of the property and access to services for compliancy with federal, state and local accessibility codes and standards (the site will be examined from a cross disability perspective)

  5. 5.Site report will be sent electronically or by fax within two business days

Site Reports

What the report will include:

  1. Identification of noncompliant items, including photos

  2. Referencing codes or standards for noncompliant items

  3. Provision of low-cost, effective barrier removal solutions

  4. Cost estimates and priority list for bringing noncompliant items up to code, optional

Hiking trail assessments

  1. 1.Same as ‘Steps for a site inspection’ (above) with the exception of #4.

  2. 2.Hiking trails will be reviewed using the Universal Trail Assessment Process and the Draft Final Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas.

  3. 3.The final report will be tailored to the needs of the recipient. These reports can include analysis of specific data related to the trail. For example the report can include the average or maximum cross slopes and grades on a particular trail, including their location on that trail.

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